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Writer, director, editor, cinematographer, producer, set designer, actor, musician-- anything and everything in film, Steph Twyford-Rigley has done it.


Early in her career, Steph became known for short films she would write, direct, design, shoot, star in, and edit as a one woman crew. The name she worked under, Part Time Hooligan, later became her production company, currently run as a duo with her partner, Ryan Twyford-Rigley.

Steph's most notable successes include her films screening on all Virgin America flights, creating Travel + Leisure's most viewed video of all time, and writing/shooting/editing four feature length episodes in under a month for the horror comedy series Cryptina. In between personal projects, she's been in the writers' room as a writer's assistant for season one of What We Do In The Shadows and in the locations department on set for companies like Netflix, Apple TV, FX Networks and more.

Steph Twyford-Rigley has several projects in pre-production, including Dreameater, a soft-sci-fi feature film she's written with plans of directing, as well as Goatsword, her partner's first feature film, which Steph will produce and edit.

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click red titles to navigate Steph's work as a filmmaker + editor

CRYPTINA - horror comedy anthology series co-written, starring, + edited by Steph, based off of original pilot and concept by Ryan Twyford-Rigley.

SHORT DOCS - short documentaries about Japan written, directed, shot, + edited by Steph in Tokyo for brands like Time Inc's Travel + Leisure.

MUSIC VIDEOS - co-directed + edited by Steph.

ART FILMS - written, directed, shot, + edited by Steph 

SOCIAL MEDIA - written, directed, shot + edited by Steph for companies like Time Inc's Travel + Leisure.

PTH ORIGINALS - the collection of dark comedies that started Steph's production company Part Time Hooligan, written, directed, shot + edited by Steph.

THE WEDDING FILM -  an arthouse wedding film, written, directed + edited by Steph.

SISTER THIEVES -  Steph's doomy rock band, the name under which she writes + performs vocals + keys.

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