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Vik Beach, Iceland
Longest Zipline
The Wave, Arizona

Social media videos produced, directed, shot, + edited by Steph Twyford-Rigleycommissioned by brands like Time Inc's Travel + Leisure. Examples range from when square format was the

industry standard to short doc horizontals and verticals.

Vik Beach - Iceland

Longest Zipline in North America

The Wave - Arizona

Travel + Leisure


These are square format socials short form videos produced, written, shot, edited by Steph


Steph's most successful client social post is a travel video breaking down Game of Thrones shooting locations to visit in real life which broke Travel + Leisure's record for highest viewed video with over 5M views in the first week.

Steph also went viral in 2020 for creating graphics listing places in most need of Black Lives Matter donations-- liked and shared by AOC. Each post had ~140K Instagram likes. Her IG reels have as many as 500K views and Steph's most popular Tiktok has over 8.5M views.

Drinking in Japan

produced, written, shot + edited by Steph in Tokyo, Japan

Haunted Tokyo Tours


produced, written, shot + edited by Steph for Travel + Leisure

about the forgotten folklore and underground history of Tokyo

Winter Running


commissioned video by a seasoned marathon runner, co-written, shot, and edited by Steph, featured in Women's Running Magazine



These are vertical format socials short

form videos written and edited by Steph

for the protein powder company, Gainful.


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